The spirit of Almières

We created Almières just as we dreamed...

A refined place to escape to, offering stellar sceneries to enjoy, singular experiences to try, conviviality to share, and tasty cuisine to savor., Almières is a unique place to regenerate.

Almières is designed for people in search of deep spirituality, eager to discover themselves, or simply looking to be rather than to do.

A unique place to recharge


"Don't let anyone come to you and leave without being happier..."

Mother Teresa

Landscape & footprint

The site is located on a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Natura 2000 and Dark Sky Reserve, just a stone's throw from Point Sublime. Almières sits on a cliff overlooking the Tarn gorges, thus offering breathtaking views.

We have preserved the soul of past centuries and have sought to keep the essential intact. Only a return to Nature allows us to escape the virtual, the "too much". It awakens our humanity. Resonance, those moments when we feel ourselves inhabiting time, no longer chasing after it or holding it back...

It's the best proposal we can make to our guests.

site d'exception almieres lozere france

Our DNA: respect and eco-responsibility

During the 3-year renovation, we emphasized on respecting the site, its history, its environment, and its living world: the choice of materials, equipment, suppliers and partners was paramount in that regard.

From the outset, the project relied on the expertise of local players to co-construct the project and preserve the soul of the place.

Almières Retreat
4039 route de Dolan
48500 Massegros Causses Gorges




Almières Retreat
4039 route de Dolan
48500 Massegros Causses Gorges